密宗 E s o t e r i c
Artist Iacon
Record Label None
Release Date September 17, 2016
Length 52:33
Tracks 10
Price Free
Tags vaporwave; seapunk; phlunderphonics

密宗 E s o t e r i c (Mìzōng Esoteric, lit. Esoteric Esoteric) is an album by Iacon.


  1. 幫你 I can help you love me (Bāng nǐ I can help you love me, lit. Help you I can help you love me(5:54)
  2. 週末 Saturday Love (Zhōumò Saturday Love, lit. Weekend Saturday Love(5:27)
  3. 猛藥 Strong Medicine (Měng yào Strong Medicine, lit. Strong medicine Strong Medicine(6:38)
  4. 月夜 Moonlit Lovers (Yuèyè Moonlit Lovers, lit. Moonlit Moonlit Lovers(5:09)
  5. 繼續 Ill Keep On Loving You(Jìxù Ill Keep On Loving You, lit. Continue Ill Keep On Loving You(4:45)
  6. 海灘 On The Beach (Hǎitān On The Beach, lit. Beach On The Beach(6:04)
  7. 蜂蜜 Honey Love (Fēngmì Honey Love, lit. Honey Honey Love(3:41) 
  8. 控股 You Used To Hold Me So Tight (Kònggǔ You Used To Hold Me So Tight, lit. Holding You Used To Hold Me So Tight(4:53)
  9. 開端 Start All Over  (Kāiduān Start All Over, lit. Start Start All Over(4:20)
  10. 強攻 Mandolin Rain (Qiánggōng Mandolin Rain, lit. Storm Mandolin Rain(5:37)


6th official release by Iacon.

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