愿景 V I S I O N S
Artist Iacon
Record Label DMT Records
Catalog Number DMTREC025/DMT-200
Release Date November 12, 2015
Length 35:53
Tracks 8
Price Free (Name your Price)
Tags electronic; new retrowave; post-vaporwave; vaporwave

愿景 V I S I O N S (Yuànjǐng V I S I O N S, lit. Visions V I S I O N S) is a vaporwave album by Iacon.


  1. 愿景 v i s i o n s (Yuànjǐng v i s i o n s, lit. Visions v i s i o n s(04:01)
  2. 关系 n e x v s (Guānxì n e x v s, lit. Relationship n e x v s(03:35)
  3. 做夢 d:\\REAM . e x e (Zuòmèng d:\\REAM. E x e, lit. Dream d:\\REAM. e x e(04:19)
  4. 萬事 e:\\v e r y t h i n g (file not found) (Wànshì e:\\v e r y t h i n g (file not found), lit. Everything e:\\v e r y t h i n g (file not found)(04:27)
  5. 迄今 c:\\ome\too\far.gif (Qìjīn c:\\ome\too\far.gif, lit. So far c:\\ome\too\far.gif(04:42) 
  6. 永世 f o r e \/ e r (Yǒngshì f o r e \/ e r, lit. Forever f o r e \/ e r(04:49) 
  7. 傷害 w h e n you // cmd:run (Shānghài w h e n you // cmd:run, lit. Hurt w h e n you // cmd:run(05:38) 
  8. 沙灘 m i A M i // h -- Or/ (Shātān m i A M i // h -- Or/, lit. Beach m i A M i // h -- Or/

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