Artist Iacon
Record Label None
Release Date January 8, 2016
Length 1:04:00
Tracks 1 (SoundCloud)

2 (Bandcamp)

Price $1 USD (Minimum)
Tags experimental; gainesville; retrowave; seapunk; vaportrap; vaporwave; Gainesville

B-Sides (Stylized as B - S I D E S) is a self-remix compilation album of and by Iacon as a celebration of reaching 1,000 SoundCloud followers. The album consists of a medley of slowed-down versions of his older vaporwave songs. The bottom of the album cover contains a paragraph in Chinese involving guilt over someone's death.



  1. Part 1 (40:16)
  2. Part 2 (23:44)


  1. B-Sides // 1000 follower appreciation (1:04:02)


Thank you all so much for allowing me to hit 1000 followers and over 120,000 plays on SoundCloud and Bandcamp combined! This is for you guys. I've vaped my own vaporwave and did some sick custom art for this one. Enjoy <3

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