Blank Banshee
Tumblr oekc6tQ2MJ1rzah7no1 1280.png
Years Active 2012-present
Record Label (s) Post Religion, Hologram Bay
Genres Vaportrap, trap
Official Links Bandcamp


Patrick Driscoll (born June 28, 1988), known by his stage name Blank Banshee, is a Canadian electronic musician based in Vancouver, Brtish Columbia, Canada. He began releasing music in 2012 though the streaming service Bandcamp with Blank Banshee 0.

He released his sophomore album Blank Banshee 1 in October of 2013. The Fader calls it "a masterwork of the new digital psychedelia". It is often regarded as one of the forerunners of the 'Post Vaporwave' movement.

Blank Banshee maintains a somewhat elusive presence, and often appears masked live and in photos.

In 2014 limited copies of both '0' and '1' were released through the indie label 'Hologram Bay’. Blank Banshee's music has appeared in numerous forms of documentaries and media including the Netflix series Unplanned America.

In 2011, the band Shinjuku Mad disbanded after self releasing only one album and an EP. Driscoll, who was a member, had become his own artist and has used samples of Shinjuku Mad's songs in his music, most notably the use of Shinjuku Mad's Resistor in Blank Banshee's Dreamcast (Blank Banshee 0) and the use of Shinjuku Mad's Negatives in Blank Banshee's Gunshots (MEGA).

In December of 2014, he announced through a cryptic Facebook post that his next album was in the works.

At October 1st, 2016, Blank Banshee officially revealed his 3rd album, MEGA, through a Facebook post. It was released October 10th, 2016.


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