Blank Banshee 0
Artist Blank Banshee (฿LANK BANSHΣΣ)
Record Label Hologram Bay
Release Date September 1, 2012
Length 32:58
Tracks 15
Price $1 CAD (Minimum)
Tags electronic; world; aesthetic; ambient; numetal; vaporwave; synthwave; vaportrap; Canada

Blank Banshee 0 is the eponymous debut studio album by Canadian electronic musician Blank Banshee, released on September 1, 2012 by Post Religion and Hologram Bay. The cover uses a modified version of Lara Croft's face from the Tomb Raider series.

In 2014, the album, along with Blank Banshee 1, was given a CD release, The album regained popularity after genre-pioneer Lucien Hughes uploaded a Simpsonwave video on YouTube entitled SUNDAY SCHOOL which used 'Teen Pregnancy' throughout the video.


  1. B:/ Start Up (01:09) (MV)
  2. Wavestep (02:43) (MV)
  3. Bathsalts (02:49) (MV)
  4. Ammonia Clouds (02:43) (MV)
  5. Venus Death Trap (02:14)
  6. HYP☰R OBJ☰CT (02:45) (MV)
  7. Photosynthesis (02:51) (MV)
  8. D ☰ ☰ P $ P Λ C ☰ (02:17) (MV)
  9. Dreamcast (02:02)
  10. Cyber Zodiac (02:21) (MV)
  11. Teen Pregnancy (02:57) (MV)
  12. Purity Boys (01:42) (MV)
  13. Visualization (01:47) (MV)
  14. World Vision (01:54) (MV)
  15. B:/ Shut down/Depression (00:52)


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