Blank Banshee 0
Artist Blank Banshee
Record Label Hologram Bay
Catalog Number 0000
Release Date September 1, 2012
Length 33:00
Tracks 15
Tags electronic, world, vaporwave

Blank Banshee 0 is the debut studio album by Canadian artist and producer Patrick Driscoll known professionally as Blank Banshee. The album was released via the streaming service Bandcamp on September 1, 2012. It is considered to be a pioneering album within the Vaporwave genre.

Blank Banshee 0 consists of largely 1980s and 1990s sourced samples layered over original beats, instrumentation and vocals. Several aspects of the album including song titles allude to or sample computer technology.

The album introduced trap style beats to elements previously associated with Seapunk and Vaporwave such as OS Start Up sounds and 1990s era video game music. Several tracks feature vocal and lyrical contributions by Banshee’s long time collaborator Cormorant.

The album artwork was designed by Driscoll and features a basic 3D model of a female head rendered over an indigo blue gradient background, often speculated among fans to be based on the videogame character Lara Croft. The album was produced and recorded in Saint John, Canada.


  1. B:/ Start Up (01:09) (MV)
  2. Wavestep (02:43) (MV)
  3. Bathsalts (02:49) (MV)
  4. Ammonia Clouds (02:43) (MV)
  5. Venus Death Trap (02:14)
  6. HYP☰R OBJ☰CT (02:45) (MV)
  7. Photosynthesis (02:51) (MV)
  8. D ☰ ☰ P $ P Λ C ☰ (02:17) (MV)
  9. Dreamcast (02:02)
  10. Cyber Zodiac (02:21) (MV)
  11. Teen Pregnancy (02:57) (MV)
  12. Purity Boys (01:42) (MV)
  13. Visualization (01:47) (MV)
  14. World Vision (01:54) (MV)
  15. B:/ Shut down/Depression (00:52)


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