Blank Banshee 1
Artist Blank Banshee (BLΛNK BΛNSΗΣΣ)
Record Label Hologram Bay
Release Date October 20, 2013
Length 30:42
Tracks 15
Price $1 CAD (Minimum)
Tags electronic; world; aesthetic; ambient; numetal; vaporwave; Canada

Blank Banshee 1 is a vaportrap album by Blank Banshee, made as a sequel to Blank Banshee 0.


  1. B:/ Infinite Login (01:00) (MV)
  2. Eco Zones (02:24) (MV)
  3. METAMATERIAL (01:54)
  4. Anxiety Online ! (02:02) (MV)
  5. JAVA Clouds (AKAمجسمه سازی مهتاب, lit. Moonlight Sculpture) (02:10) (MV)
  6. LSD Polyphony (01:35)
  7. Conflict Minerals (02:36)
  8. Metal Rain (02:12) (MV)
  9. Big Gulp (02:12)
  10. Doldrum Corp. (01:22)
  11. Cyber Slums (02:02)
  12. Realization (01:41) (MV)
  13. SOLAR PLEXUS (02:30)
  14. Paradise Disc /芸能山城組  (lit. Paradise Disc /Geinoh Yamashirogumi) (03:09)
  15. B:/ Hidden/Reality (01:53)


Around June of 2015, Blank Banshee uploaded and advertised a 1GB file on Mediafire named PARADISE DISK. The file contains high-quality versions of the album's music video series, along with some extra images and materials. The package could be seen as a simulation of the fictional program the video series shows.



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