Floral Shoppe
Artist Vektroid (Macintosh Plus)
Record Label BEER ON THE RUG
Catalog Number BOTR009
Release Date December 9, 2011
Length 47:42 (Digital)

42:23 (Cassette)

Tracks 11
Price $4.99 USD (Minimum)
Tags Experimental; United States; Vaporwave; Ambient; Electronic; Plunderphonics

FLORAL SHOPPE (フローラルの専門店, Furōraru no Senmon-ten) is the fifteenth studio album by American electronic musician Vektroid, released under her alias Macintosh Plus (MACプラス) on December 9th, 2011. The album is listed as one of the first vaporwave albums. The song 'リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー' (often shortened to '420' or 'Macintosh 420') has gained huge popularity and is considered one of Vektroid's signature songs, The song features the Diana Ross song 'It's Your Move', slowed, altered and distored, The song continues until it reaches the point of the lyrics 'It's all in your hands' repeated until it sounds as the lyrics are saying 'It's all in your head', The track then abruptly stops. The track clocks in at 7 minutes and 20 seconds.


  1. ブート (Būto, lit. Booting(3:24)
  2. リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー (Risafuranku 420 / Gendai no Konpyū, lit. Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing) (7:20)
  3. 花の専門店 (Hana no Senmon-ten, lit. Floral Shoppe) (3:55)
  4. ライブラリ (Raiburari, lit. Library) (2:43)
  5. 地理 (Chiri, lit. Geography) (4:46)
  6. ECCOと悪寒ダイビング (ECCO to Okan Daibingu, lit. Chill Divin' with ECCO) (6:42)
  7. 数学 (Sūgaku, lit. Math) (6:54)
  8. ピコ (Piko, lit. Pico) (2:04) (Cassette exclusive)
  9. 外ギン AVIATION (Soto Gin AVIATION, lit. Foreign Banks AVIATION) (1:09) (Cassette exclusive)
  10. 待機 (Taiki, lit. Standby) (1:10)
  11. (Te, lit. On) (2:16)
  12. (Tsuki, lit. Moon) (6:14) (MV) (Digital exclusive)
  13. 海底 (Kaitei, lit. Seabed) AKA XX裸DISKETTE (XX Hakada DISKETTE, lit. XX Naked DISKETTE) (2:18) (Digital exclusive)



  • The album cover includes an edited photograph of a bust of Helios, the Greek god of the sun.

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