Frasierwave is an album by chrisTTT.

Artist chrisTTT
Record Label business casual
Catalog Number Bizc 004
Release Date May 17, 2013
Tracks 14
Price Name Your Price
Tags 80s, electronic, frasierwave, new, wave, nostalgic, plunderphonics, post-pop, samples, slow, jam, vaporwave, Pittsburgh

Album Link

  1. KACL 780 AM 1:27
  2. Follow Back 1:15
  3. Quivering 3:53
  4. Brokend 1:45
  5. Blind Eye 10:35
  6. And then he 2:45
  8. He's dead inside 4:38
  9. Sleepless in Seattle 3:22
  10. Talkkk RADIO 2:55
  11. Edgggy 4:53
  12. Selling out 8:14
  13. Unfollow 1:10
  14. 10000110 5:42

Who can you turn to for prompt diagnosis?  A fetish or fantasy  Sex or psychosis  No problem at all, let us handle your call  On our show! On our show!  Bring us your traumas, your latent neurosis  Erectile disfunction  Bed-wetting narcosis  There's no need for shame, you can use a false name  On our show! On our show! 

Who dares enter the dark labyrinth of the human mind?  What festering secrets are buried in the recesses of the subconscious?  Lurid images!  Lewd desires!  Guilty pleasures!  Strange compulsions!  The whole catalog of human behavior from the aberrant to the  Monstrous lurks behind a locked door to which one man holds the key! 

So if you are stymied to find a prognosis  And ask yourself, just like Freud:  "Himmel, was los ist?"  Stop scratching your head, let us cure it instead  On our show! On our show!  Now here is the man to explain  The tortured terrain of your brain  The man who feels everyone's pain ...  Dr. Crane! Dr. Crane! Frasier Crane !!