Aliases None
Years Active 2015 - present
Genres Nu-disco, futurefunk

(Inventor of Brutalwave)

Albums List:
Official Links List:

Iacon is a vaporwave artist from Gainesville, Florida, who produces in Ableton Live 9. 


Starting with the release of 並列処理 P A R A L L E L I S M on January 2015, Iacon quickly rose in popularity with his fast, upbeat style of vaporwave that focused heavily on custom drums mixed with the original samples. February saw the release of his second album, フェージング T H E F A D I N G, which was a distorted mix of vaporwave and retrowave elements that comprised of newly added sub-bass overlaying the custom drums and samples. March saw the release of his third album, 不協和音 D I S S O N A N C E, in which the track ペLニAスDドIリEラSー was anonymously posted to /mu/ on the reddit boards. Overnight the album and the track grew in popularity, giving him 2,600 song plays overnight. Hitting 400 followers in April dawned the release of 幽霊 G H O S T S which saw the light of a clear, concise branding method and themed album. According to Iacon he purchased an Ableton Push, a midi controller for Ableton, that allowed him to physically play drum racks, keyboard, and more on top of his tracks. 幽霊 G H O S T S has a particularly clean, clear sound that is heavy on the sub-bass and extravagant on the drum work. Anything from the kick, to the snare, to the hi-hats, to the toms and beyond were all recorded by hand using the Push controller, along with the sub-bass and subtle keys scattered throughout.

Hashicorp PodcastEdit

Iacon has a podcast called Hashicorp Podcast with nano神社 (✪㉨✪) and venjjeance. This podcast is dedicated to his newly formed label Kaiseki Digital. Iacon says that a new episode releases around the time an album comes out on Kaiseki.


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