Artist マクロスMACROSS 82-99
Record Label Fortune 500
Release Date December 31, 2013
Length 26:43
Tracks 9
Price Free
Tags chillout; chillwave; electronic; lo-fi; nu-disco; sun drenched; synth funk; vaporwave

SAILORWAVE is an album by the Mexican Vaporwave musician マクロスMACROSS 82-99.


  1. NEW DAWN (02:36)
  2. 戦場 (Senjō, lit. Battlefield) (02:02)
  3. 木野 まこと (Kino Makoto, lit. Sailor Jupiter) (02:02)
  4. 火野 レイ (Hino Rei, lit. Sailor Mars) (02:23)
  5. 水TEMPLES (MizuTEMPLES, lit. WATERTEMPLES) (01:36)
  6. 水野 亜美AMY (Mizuno AmiAMY, lit. Ami MizunoAMY) (02:44)
  7. ABOUT U (Feat. オウムのジャングルPARROT JUNGLE 95) (01:42)
  8. STREET ROMANCE 2049 (02:28)
  9. 月乃 うさぎSERENA (Tsukino Usagi SERENA) (01:56)
  10. 新宿区 JAZZ POINT J (Shinshukuku JAZZ POINT J, lit. Sinshuku District JAZZ POINT J) (02:15)


振り返ることはありません (lit. It does not look back)

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