Shader Complete
Artist Vektroid (Sacred Tapestry)
Record Label None
Release Date February 14, 2016
Length 01:03:27
Tracks 7
Price $5.99 USD (Minimum)
Tags ambient; electronic; experimental; psychedelic; Portland

Shader Complete is the second of three albums released by Vektroid on Valentine's Day. The track was originally released as Shader on August 30th, 2012, and was remixed and given two bonus tracks for those who purchased the album.


  1. Skyfall IV (Strike Suit) (08:26)
  2. LDVHD Terminus (11:13)
  3. ROGO (05:22)
  4. Transmigration (08:48)
  5. Cosmorama (06:24)
  6. Spirited Child (13:55)
  7. Hushedcasket (09:19)
  8. ドリーミー (Buyer only)
  9. Microsleep (Buyer only)


Digital purchase includes two bonus tracks "ドリーミー" and "Microsleep" written during the Color Ocean Road sessions.

Originally released August 30th, 2012.

New mix built February 2016.

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