Hi Sushimon, I was just wondering why I have had so many issues with the Q7 page. One of your admins has been unnessacerely targeting this page and my work in some of the most immature ways. Is there an explination for this? Of course this is YOUR wiki, and you have the power to administrate whatever permissions you see fit to your staff, and I'm not suggesting anything...but as an administraitor myself of certain wikis, it seems rather risky to have an admin directly sabotaging or editing pages for the worse.

I'm sure you are fully aware of the issues that have been going on with the page and this so called 'Admin'. No offense if you know this person personally, but an Admin is supposed to improve and contribute to pages and / or the site's development. Making spelling corrections and monitoring spam and so on. That is a part of the job. But when an admin deliberatly goes out of their way to delete valid and crucial information or directly catagorises the page under offensive and seemingly randomised tags, that goes against the job of an admin directly. Please note that this page was in no sense created simply to promote the artists work, but to preserve it and provide information for those seeking it. That, after all, IS the purpose of your preserve and create an information hub for any and all Vaporwave artists. I apologize for these issues and this long rant, but I would simply like to know as to why one of the most detailed of pages, with just a high quality information source as any of your other pages must be tarnished by such a random slew of personal hangups. As I do not know this Admin AT ALL, it seems rather odd.

Thanks for reading,